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The Medical Staff Association of Surrey Memorial Hospital

The Surrey Memorial Hospital Medical Staff Association is the voice of the medical staff and effectively represents membership through proactive support, active engagement, wellness promotion, and enhanced professional development.

We are your Medical Staff Association (MSA). We are committed to the betterment and continued prosperity of healthcare patients and professionals at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

A Physician’s Guide to Resources to Start Truth and Reconciliation

The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30th honours the Survivors and the thousands of children who never returned home from residential schools. This is a tragic and painful history with ongoing effects that we continue to see in our healthcare system today. September 30th also marks Orange Shirt Day, which supports reconciliation and commits us to the enduring truth that Every Child Matters. 

Tools and resources

In our tools and resources section, you will find rules, research and information for medical staff and members of the association. You can also find survey results and meeting updates.

Medical Staff Bylaws

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Medical Staff Rules

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Medical Staff Rules Updates

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2023 Engagement Survey Results

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Upcoming events and lectures

Here you can find information on upcoming events and lectures. Check back regularly for updates on new events and lectures.

It is our hope that through this portal you are able to learn, connect and share with your colleagues and peers, broadening engagement within the medical community and finding new ways to support the sector and each other.

Learn. Connect. Share.
Surrey Memorial Hospital MSA

Medical lectures for continuing education credit

Learn more about the Medical Staff Association and how SMH is committed to enacting the values and policies of Facility Engagement.

Our events help you connect and share with your colleagues and peers which broadens engagement within the medical community.

The MSA is always looking for innovative projects that will improve the physician workplace and patient care. Click here to learn more on FE funding.

Medical staff at Surrey Memorial Hospital and Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre