Funded Projects

Funded projects

Working in partnership with the Facility Engagement Initiative and Doctors of BC, the Surrey Memorial Hospital MSA is constantly funding engagement projects and initiatives to improve the workplace and patient care.

Do you have an engagement project that needs funding? Review the funding application process and criteria to see if your initiative meets the funding guidelines.

Creation of an Opioid Stewardship App for Clinicians

Project leads – Dr. Laurie Itcush & Dr. Karen Ng

An Opioid Stewardship mobile app using Firstline is being created to facilitate efficient knowledge translation for clinicians in SMH and across Fraser Health with content development by the Fraser Health Opioid Stewardship Clinical Pharmacy Specialists. For the app to be of high quality for clinicians, the content needs to be peer reviewed. App content will be shared with the Opioid Stewardship Advisory Committee (OSAC), a group that was formed in SMH in 2019, as well as other clinician champions from various disciplines. 

Eat Sleep Console Implementation

Project leads – Jennifer Rasmussen, Dr. Vanessa Nicolau-Toulouse

This project aims to re-gather relevant stakeholders, create a shared work team, ensure high-level site based plan developed in 2019 still meets current site-based operational needs and proceed with the implementation plans for Eat Sleep Console at SMH.

Eating Disorders Team Building at SMH

Project lead – Dr. Shereena Khan

This project is aimed at helping facilitate regular meetings with continuing medical education (CME) opportunities for the team to improve our knowledge base and standardized our practice to help serve our patients better and increase awareness of the presence of an eating disorders team. 

Financial Seminars for Physicians

Project lead – Dr. Joshua Song

Series of financial seminars for physicians and new grads. Curriculum to improve physician financial health, career development, and well-being delivered by Dr. Mark Soth.

Medicine & Grand Rounds

Project leads – Dr. Carla Fast, Dr. Swetha Sriram, & Dr. Roopjeet Kahlon

Regular educational rounds for the membership including Medicine Rounds (includes divisions within the department of medicine) and Grand Rounds (includes all departments outside of medicine). Rounds will be held in person, and video conferenced to satellite sites including JPOCSC, Peace Arch Hospital and Delta Hospital. Rounds will be catered for onsite (SMH) members only. Rounds are open to all medical staff, as well as allied healthcare personnel.

Meet and Greet Series 

Project lead – Dr. Roopjeet Kahlon

An opportunity for physicians and health authority/site leadership to meet and have conversations. Its objectives are to make leaders better known to physicians, to facilitate and improve communication between physicians and medical leadership, and to provide an opportunity for physicians to discuss their ideas on improving patient care as well as provider experience.

Reducing Code White at Timber Creek by 30%

Project lead – Dr. Ljaz Hussain

This project aims to improve staff safety, family and patient’s satisfaction at Timber Creek, a tertiary and locked facility with 59 beds in total. As well, to promote a healthy and safe work environment through the introduction of safety huddles and a system that will capture aggression and violence appropriately.

SMH Clinical Practice Guideline Rounds Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Project lead – Dr. Goldis Mitra & Dr. Davinder Sandhu

This project aims to improve alignment of clinical practice and guideline-based care and to prioritize issues that significantly affect physicians and patient care.

SMH Emergency Department Team Building Event

Project lead – Dr. Rob Cheyne

This project arms to reunite the emergency department in a fun and relaxed environment to rejuvenate and reestablish the teams attitude after COVID-19. ER docs from SMH will volunteer their time to arrange a BBQ for members of the ER team.

SMH Emergency Physician Wellness Retreat

Project lead – Dr. Rob Cheyne

COVID-19 has been a struggle for ER physicians and has led to staff burn out. This project aims to organize a wellness and team building seminar by a mindfulness expert focusing on practical techniques relating to work life balance and a 30 minute meditation session.

SMH Medical Staff Lounge

Project lead – Dr. Todd Acheson

This project aims to promote medical staff engagement, communication, and wellness through improving the current space at the Surrey Memorial Hospital Medical Staff Lounge. 

Medical staff at Surrey Memorial Hospital and Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre