About the MSA

Developed in 2016 by the Specialist Services Committee, Facility Engagement is a B.C.-wide initiative developed to enhance engagement and strengthen relationships between health-authorities and facility-based physicians. By empowering communication, relationships and collaboration between health authorities and facility-based physicians, the initiative hopes to improve medical staff working conditions and quality of patient care delivery. The SMH is committed to enacting the values and policies of Facility Engagement. We support all MSA members looking to contribute to the cause and continue to find new ways to build a better medical community for both staff and patients.

Vision of the MSA

The SMH MSA is the voice of the medical staff and effectively represents membership through proactive support, active engagement, wellness promotion, and enhanced professional development.

Mission of the MSA

Be the credible organization that medical staff & administrators may rely on for support, information, and advice;

Ensure the medical staff is heard, actively engaged, and effectively represented;

Collaborate with FHA site administration on issues impacting the medical staff & patient care;

Pursue opportunities for professional development and networking; and

Support initiatives that promote continuous improvement, enhance quality, improve patient outcomes, and enrich the SMH/JPOCSC work environment

Medical staff at Surrey Memorial Hospital and Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre