Engagement Projects

Application for Engagement Project Funding 2024-2025

Engagement project funding of up to $10,000 per project is available for Surrey Memorial Hospital and JPOCSC Medical Staff Association (MSA). Projects must contribute to at least one of the MSA’s three strategic goals and meet Facility Engagement Memorandum of Understanding Objectives.

SMH & JPOCSC strategic goals:

  1. Revive and renew the SMH MSA organization & enhance MSA membership engagement.
  2. Adapt and meet the needs of medical staff through engagement, wellness, education, and professional growth.
  3. Support medical staff initiatives that demonstrate collaboration with the FHA, sustainability, and return-on-investment.

MOU Objectives:

  1. To improve communication and relationships among the medical staff so that their views are more effectively represented.
  2. To prioritize issues that significantly affect physicians and patient care.
  3. To support medical staff contributions to the development and achievement of health authority plans and initiatives that directly affect physicians.
  4. To have meaningful interactions between the medical staff and health authority leaders, including physicians in formal HA medical leadership roles.

Please review the SSC Facility Engagement Funding Guidelines to ensure that your initiative meets the funding criteria before applying.

The application process has been streamlined and the funding is allocated on an ongoing basis. Decisions are made approximately three weeks after submissions are received.

All projects must be completed by March 31, 2025.

Getting started

Step 1 – Review Funding Guidelines

Step 2 – Complete one-page proposal

Step 3 – Confirm approval with MSA

Step 4 – Register for FEMS

Step 5 – Register for VersaPay

Apply for engagement project funding below.

Once your engagement activity has been approved, you must register for the following two systems in order to access your funds and receive reimbursements for your project-related time and expenses:

New registrants are required to call VersaPay in order to enter their banking information online for security reasons. If you have any other question, email us at [email protected]


Other useful resources

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