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New Surrey Hospital and BC Cancer Centre (NSHBCCC)

You may have heard the recent announcement by Premier David Eby regarding the New Surrey Hospital and BC Cancer Centre (NSHBCCC). This exciting project is a state-of-the-art hospital and cancer centre. The Design-Builder is Ellis-Don Design Build Inc. (EDDB) who will be responsible for completing the design and construction of this new facility. We are now officially in the Detailed Design Phase of the project where we will be reviewing every component, every department, every room, every corridor etc. in the design process. This process will occur over the next couple of years and will be accomplished through several engagement sessions at various times and stages of the project.


Read more about the hospital here: New Surrey Hospital and BC Cancer Centre

Our Ask

We are reaching out to solicit your interest in providing feedback on the design of the hospital for the area(s) in which you work. While there are some set parameters in place, such as, we cannot add additional space or change services; we will be asking a variety of questions about the space in which you work. The outputs of your participation will ensure the NSHBCCC is being appropriately planned for space, staffing, technology, and equipment requirements to support future state workflows.


For this initial phase, we will be running two virtual sessions (repeat sessions, so you only need to attend one). The areas being reviewed include general building layout, Emergency, In-patient unit, Medical Imaging, Medical Staff Facilities and Perioperative. The sessions will be held on Tuesday November 7th from 6pm to 8pm, and repeated on Thursday November 16th from 6pm to 8pm. Your feedback will be presented to EDDB for incorporation into the design. The cycle of meetings and feedback will continue until late 2025. The initial participation in these meeting will be virtual through TEAMS or Zoom platforms. Compensation is through sessional fees for participation.


Should you wish to participate kindly respond via email to [email protected]. Once you have confirmed participation, you will receive a meeting invitation for the two noted dates, please accept the meeting date which works for you.


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New Surrey Hospital and BC Cancer Centre Clinical Planning Team

Physician Leads, Dr. Grace Park, Dr. Keith Neufeld, Dr. Kuan Chuah

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Laura Choroszewski, Chief Clinical Planner – [email protected]


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